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What sets Champlain Tours apart is the individual attention given to each client, on each tour.  Not only do we create most of the itineraries, we make ourselves accessible during the entire booking process...including escorting the actual tour!  


Champlain Tours' Mission is to provide planned, escorted tours inclusive of transportation, hotel, meals, and admissions.  Each tour offers the flexibility of traveling as a group, with options to explore some on their own.  Either way, your Tour Escort is with you every step of the way to provide security, ease, and peace of mind.


The Owner, Keith was born and raised in Vermont.  For 10 years, he worked for the State Department leading delegations all over the world with focus on Germany, Ireland, and China.  After returning to Vermont, he founded Champlain Tours.  Keith escorts many of Champlain Tours' trips.  In his words, "I love my clients, I love to travel, and I love my job!".  After you travel with Champlain Tours, you might agree.

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